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Monday, December 17, 2012


I know so many of you are saddened over the recent school shooting in Connecticut. As a mom I can not fathom what these parents are going through. These children will never come home. They have presents under the Christmas tree that will never be opened. Their parents will never hear their laughter or see their sweet faces ever again. Who knew that morning that it would be the last time they would ever see their child? Do not take your loved ones for granted! Treat every day as a gift!

I can't do anything to help lessen these families' pain except pray for them. And that I will most certainly do.

Today is National Blogging Day of Remembrance. Along with many other bloggers I am stepping back from my normal post for today and using this day as a day to be thankful for the things I love and cherish the family, friends, and community. I hope that's ok and you will come back to visit tomorrow.

Thanks to Carrian Cheney of Oh Sweet Basil for starting this effort and to Nike Peterson of Nike Peterson Designs for the above graphic.

There is a United Way Fund for the victims if you would like to donate.

Another option that I plan on taking part in is a virtual run (meaning you can run it anywhere) that benefits the victims. It is called the Sandy Hook Elementary Memorial Half Marathon and 5K. You can register HERE.



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