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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Pro Compression Marathon Sock Review and Giveaway!

I told you this would be a week of giveaways!!! I'm getting you ready for Christmas! ;-)

Compression socks seem to be the craze these days. But what's the big deal? Does compression really work? Does it help?

Here are some benefits of compression socks:

  • Improves circulation
  • Supports your muscles and ligaments
  • Aids in recovery by flushing out the lactic acid in your muscles
  • And they are soooo cute!!! (my opinion of course!)

I have been wearing knee high socks while running for a long time. But I really wanted to try some socks that were real compression. Eric at Pro Compression told me their marathon sock would really help me during marathon training! He sent me two pairs to try!

I could not wait to try them! But I wanted to test them out on a really long run. The first run I wore them on was a 16 mile run. These socks were a lot tighter than my normal knee high socks and it took me a minute to get them just right on my legs. But they felt great!

My 16 mile run was awesome! I think the compression socks helped with that! But I also wanted to test them after a long run. So I came home and showered and then put on the second pair. I wore them all day! And my legs felt great!

You know that achy feeling you get in your legs after a long run? Well that feeling wasn't there. And I had just ran 16 miles!

I also wore them for my 18 mile run...before and after! And it was the same awesomeness!

I am definitely a fan of Pro Compression!!! And I really like that their socks come in so many different colors: black, pink, red, purple, orange, lime, white, baby blue argyle, pink argyle, and khaki argyle! A girl has to have options!!!! ;-)

And right now for Christmas they have the Limited Edition Marathon Holiday sock!!! Soooo cute!!!! You can save 40% and get free shipping on this sock with the code SOM12!

I believe these socks are a must have for any runner! YOU need a pair and the awesome Eric at Pro Compression wants to make that happen! All you have to do is enter!!! :-)

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Disclaimer: Pro Compression sent me two pairs of socks to review. I received no other compensation. All opinions in the above post are mine and mine alone!



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