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Thursday, December 27, 2012

2012 Running Review!

I have been thinking about reviewing my running for 2012 for awhile. Then my friend Miss Zippy asked for us to tell her all about our 2012 and gave us questions to get us started. Perfect! I used her questions and added in some of my own!

  • Best race experience? This would have to be the Gulf Coast Half Marathon on Pensacola Beach! I PRed by 3 minutes in very hot, humid, and windy weather! Everyone else was complaining about how hard this race was but for me it was just my day! I had a great race!
  • Worst race experience? I hate to say it was this race because it was the first year of a local race but the It's About the Shirt Half Marathon was my worst race experience. It was raining horribly, the course was super tough and hilly, it was hot, they didn't block off the roads so we had cars weaving in and out of the runners, the route was too long (13.84 miles), and my calves were killing me from a super hard workout that week. 
  • Best run? The 18 miler I ran in November. This was one of those runs where I felt like I could continue running at the end. Yeah. That almost never happens!
  • Worst run? The 20 miler I attempted just a few weeks ago. I just never got into my groove and walked more than I ran. And then I ended up not even finishing the run. If you know me then you know that never happens....I never give up!
  • Most memorable running experience? Running my very first marathon in March!!!! I will never forget how hard it was...or the accomplishment and emotions I felt at the end.
  • Favorite running challenge? The Runner's World Run Streak this summer! I ran every single day for 38 days! I still can't believe I did it without getting injured!
  • Best new piece of gear? Compression socks! I started wearing these during marathon training and they really do help! 
  • Best piece of running advice you received? That it doesn't matter how fast you are...what matters is that you are doing it! 
  • Running setbacks? The knee injury that occurred on my wonderful 18 miler in November. I got it checked out and it luckily wasn't serious but it set me back in marathon training. 
  • Most inspirational runner? Wow. This one is super hard to answer because I know so many inspirational runners. I have tons of blogger friends that inspire me each and every day. And I have tons of runner friends that I train with that inspire me too. I am going to have to say that my friend Katrina inspired me tremendously this year. Katrina ran a half marathon (that super hilly and long course I named in my worst race) and she was 36 weeks pregnant! She is amazing! She never gave up running no matter how hard it was. Her baby was born on Halloween and she is already back to running...she even ran 6 miles a few weeks ago! Such an inspiration!
  • If you could sum up your year in a couple of words, what would they be? Blessed. Happy. Successful. All because of Jesus!

I feel like it's been a pretty successful year of running! I can't wait to see what 2013 has in store for me with my running!

QOTD: Pick one of the questions above and tell me your answer in the comments!



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