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Thursday, June 21, 2012

25 DAYS!!!!!

3 miles/30:17
Average pace- 10:05

Ab Challenge Workout Week 1
Held a plank for 2:31!!!!
Side Planks- held for 30 seconds on each side x 3
Knee Lifts- 50 x 2

We had a smaller group this morning...only about 10 of us ran. Started out kind of sluggish but ended up feeling really good! I got to run with Jackie this morning! Usually she's too fast for me!

Getting up this morning was super hard!  I am worn out!!!  I don't know if the running every day is catching up to me or if it is adding the ab challenge this week but I almost fell asleep driving to our meeting place to run this morning.  I never do that! 

Speaking of running every was day 25 of the run streak!!!  I cannot believe I have run every day for 25 days!!!!  Only 13 more days to go!  I will admit that I am proud of myself!

How is the Ab Challenge going for everyone?  I've done the ab workout every day this week.  And boy are my abs super sore!  But I love that sore feeling!  Even my friend Stephanie did the ab workout with me yesterday!  Larisa is also posting daily challenges in the Facebook group each day.  One of the challenges was to time yourself and hold a plank for as long as you can.  I held mine for 2:31 and I am super proud of that!  I held it until my arms and legs were shaking so bad that they couldn't hold me up any longer.  Hopefully I can improve on this time as the challenge goes on. 

So if you haven't joined the Ab Challenge yet you still have time!!!  Start it today!!!  And you can ask Larisa to join the Facebook group until Sunday...then she will be closing the group to new members.  So JOIN!!!  :-)  Here's the workout for this week in case you forgot!  ;-)

Of course I can't leave you without a picture or two of my boys!  Yesterday we met up with my friend Stephanie and her three kids.  We ate lunch at a local chicken restaurant in town called Champy's Famous Fried Chicken.  The chicken is so yummy!  Not that healthy for you because it is all fried but I did order green beans with mine to have a veggie in there.  I've got my boys trained for pictures because Hayden asked me, "Can we take a picture with the chicken?"  Yes!!!!  I just LOVE their squinty eyes lol!

After lunch we took the kids to the library to check out more books.  My boys are LOVING having all these books to read this summer.  And I love that they love it!  ;-)

We then went to Stephanie's house to let the kids play in the blow up pool.  While they played, Stephanie and I finished watching a movie we had started a few days ago and then we did the ab workout

Later that night, Sydney went with us to church.  The older kids were all going to the skating rink that night and we knew she would have fun going with us.  Her and Hayden had a blast skating!  And let me tell Hayden is a pretty good skater!  I was proud of him!!!

Ok I'm done boring you for now!  I've got to get Hayden ready for T-Ball practice tonight!  Don't forget to join the ab challenge!!!  ;-)



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