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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Three Things Thursday!

1 mile/8:40 (Another PR!!!!)
Average pace- 8:40

Ab Challenge Workout Week 2 (yeah V ups are still kicking my butt)
Plank a day- 1:02

I ran another one mile pr this morning! The weather was perfect...69 degrees with a slight breeze! It felt great!

So I'm starting something new on the blog on Thursdays called "Three Things Thursday."  This is where I will post three random things about could be things I like, hate, or that are annoying to me.  Or just three totally random things. can tell me your three things in the comments!  Sounds fun, right???!!  (Just pretend you think it's fun even if you don't lol)  So here goes!

1. I hate to cook.  Granted, I love to eat...but only if I don't have to cook it.  Thus, my family does a lot of eating out which is not that healthy for you.  I need to change...but I just don't like cooking!!!

2. I am LOVING the Olympic Trials!!!  It can be track and field, swimming, water polo, I don't care!  I love it all!  I am so glued to the TV...what does this mean when the actual Olympics are on in 29 days (yes I'm counting down.  It's sad I know)?  I'm probably not gonna have much of a life during those 2.5 weeks!

3. My little boy Sawyer ALWAYS knows how to make me laugh!  He says the funniest things!  He told me not too long ago, "Mom!  I want to buy fairy dust at the store!"  I asked him why and he said, "Because I really want to fly!"  Or another favorite....he came into my classroom at school one day during lunch and asked, "Can I have some chocolate?"  I asked him if he had eaten his ham to which he replied, "No I can't eat it because I'm scared it will make me burp!"  What???  Lol!

Now...see how fun that was???  Your turn!

QOTD: What are your three things?


  1. Congrats on your PR that is an awesome pace!!
    My three random things:

    #1. I'm seriously addicted to chocolate. It really makes or breaks my day.
    #2. I'm extremely shy. People think Im snobby, Im not, really.
    #3. I'm a morning person. The only one in my house. I am so glad I don't have to get kids ready for school right now. I leave them at home in bed and head to work every day in peace. Its so nice!

  2. Thanks so much Holly!!! And thanks for commenting! And number 2...I NEVER have thought you were snobby girl! You are super sweet! And number that's why 4:45 AM runs are no big deal to you lol!!! :-) Hope you have a great run Friday night...will miss seeing you Saturday morning!

  3. We ran the 7 mile route this morning at 5 am (Jenny, myself and Susie) it was a great route. We actually looped the "square section" in French settlement 2 times because it was still a little dark. It turned out to be a great run. Thanks for making the route. I am going to run it again with Donna and Bridget Sunday to make up my missed runs this week! See you soon! Y'all have a great group run!

  4. Yay Holly! Great job girl! And so glad the route was good! Have fun running with the girls on Sunday! Hopefully I will see you next week at a run!




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