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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Hiking in Historic Blakeley State Park

5 miles/53:27
Average pace- 10:41

Ab Challenge Workout Week 1

Ran 5 miles with my Sole2Soul Sisters Half Marathon training group! These ladies are doing amazing! I gave them a hilly route today and they ROCKED it! So proud! The humidity was back in full force this morning...made it hard to breathe. I guess summer is definitely here! 

How is everyone's ab workouts going?  I've done the workout every day thus abs are sore but getting better.  Guess that means it's time to change things up!  I'll let you know when the new workout is posted!

Yesterday, my sister Christy came to visit.  We always have a great time when she comes.  Luckily, she lives closer to us now!  She used to live in San Francisco so we never got to see her.  My boys are enjoying getting to know their Aunt Christy.  It's funny because they also know that when Aunt Christy comes, Mama and Aunt Christy are going to leave at some point to have "sister time."  They have learned that they can't come with us when it's "sister time!" 

Christy got here around lunch time so we headed out with the boys to eat at Panera Bread.  This is one of our favorite places to eat but it was the boys first time eating there.  Hayden (my pickiest eater) decided to bring something from home because he didn't see anything on the menu that he wanted to eat.  We've learned in my house to check menus before we go somewhere to make sure there is something that he likes on there.  Sawyer will pretty much eat anything thank goodness.  Christy and I both got our favorite...Chicken Caesar Salad!  Sooo yummy!

Sawyer got the kids grilled cheese.  Did you know Panera Bread serves organic yogurt with their kids meals?  I LOVE this!!!  And Sawyer ate every bite of his grilled cheese and yogurt!

After lunch it was "sister time!"  We dropped the boys off with my hubby and headed for a hike!  Now Christy is used to hiking in the mountains....that's not an option here so we basically walk nature trails.  We headed to Historic Blakeley State Park.  Even though it's only about 15 minutes away from my house, I've never been here.  I've heard about it but have yet to try it.  It was awesome!  I love all the history about it...the town of Blakeley is one of the oldest towns in Alabama but now there is nothing left of it.  Nature has overtook it and not even a brick is left.  It is called "the South's loveliest ghost town."

There is also some major history about the Civil War that occurred here.  Fort Blakeley (what it was called then) was the scene of the last major battle of the Civil War. Historic Blakeley Park was created in 1981 to preserve all of this history.  Although we didn't see it today (we plan to come back) you can even walk to the site of the battlefield.  I can't wait to do that next time!

It's beautiful here!!!  Tons of huge oak trees!  And there are tons of walking trails.  We stuck to the gravel roads today because the snakes are too bad on the trails during this time of the year. 

Part of the walk led us into some swampy areas so there were boardwalks to walk on.

We walked around 2 miles.  We had planned on walking more but the mosquitos were eating us alive...we had forgotten our bug spray.  Next time we plan to make it to the Battlefield.  I can't wait to see that!

It was a great day!!!

QOTD- Have you ever been to Historic Blakeley State Park?  Tell me about it!



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