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Friday, June 8, 2012

Streaking Again and Fro Yo!

1 mile/9:36
Average pace- 9:32

Another mile for #RWRunStreak! I've been streaking for 12 days! Only 26 more to go! It was pretty muggy out today from all the afternoon thunderstorms we've been having. There was a bit of a breeze for the first half but it went away once I turned around to head home. All in all a pretty good run! I've got 8 miles with the girls planned for tomorrow. I'm going to have to really pace myself slower for that long run.  I've been running most of my runs lately at an average 9:45 pace (which is fast for me).  I can't do that for 8 miles.  My plan is to try to pace myself at around an 11 or 11:30 pace for tomorrow's long run.  It will help having my girls there to run with!  I am NOT good at pacing myself when I am running solo.

Ok so did most of you wanna read this post because I said "Fro Yo?"  One of my favorite things is frozen yogurt!  I am lucky enough to have three different fro yo places in my city.  Moo Che Che is one of my favorites and is locally owned!  I try to go to this one the most to support them!  We also have Chill and Cold Snap.  All three of these are basically the same.  They have awesome flavors and tons of toppings!  My most favorite is either vanilla, birthday cake, or vanilla custard with oreos and cookie dough bites on top!  I get that almost every time I go! 

Yesterday I took the boys for fro yo at Cold Snap (this one is the closest one to our house).  They love their yogurt too! 

QOTD: What's your favorite fro yo flavor/toppings combo?




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