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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Polka Dot Polka Dot Afro PR!!!

1 mile/9:00
Average pace- 9:00

Yep! Another mile PR!!! My hubby asked, "Are you trying to get faster?" Actually, I'm really not. It's just kind of happening! Maybe that's the whole point of this run streak not only motivate you to run in the summer but also help you get faster for those upcoming fall races. Whatever the point, streaking is fun! ;-)


Yesterday was movie day with the kiddos!  One of our local theaters did dollar movies last summer and they played preschool appropriate movies which was awesome!  The other theater has free movies but most of them are for older kids.  So we don't get to watch a lot of them.  Well we assumed (because it was on their website) that the theater was going to do the dollar movies again this summer.  I had my two boys and my friend Stephanie's two girls and we headed to the movies.  We get there and the theater said they were NOT doing the dollar movies this summer.  Of course the parents that were there were pretty upset but the manager showed us on the ad where it only listed certain locations and their location wasn't listed.  So technically it was our fault for not reading the small print.  But this manager was awesome because she said that since so many of us showed up she was going to show us the new Madagascar 3 movie...for FREE!!!  (Except she said to not tell that's why I'm not telling you the name of the theater lol)  The kids (and me) were soooo excited!  We were already planning to come see the movie soon but to see it for free...well can't say no to that!!!  It was super cute and my favorite part was when Marty (the zebra) painted polka dots on his body and put a clown afro wig on and sang, "Polka dot polka dot afro!"  Hehe!  I'm just a kid at heart!!!  

Tonight is T-Ball practice for both boys.  Remember Sawyer's got cancelled on Monday?  Well as I am writing this thunder is rumbling outside my window (but the sun is still shining) so the boys are crossing their fingers that practice doesn't get cancelled again! 

Also, I know I promised a post about Disney races but life has been hectic and busy the last few days and I haven't gotten to it yet.  I promise I will get to it soon!  :-)



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