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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Snake-y 5K and an Ab Challenge!

3.11 miles/34:13
Average pace- 11:00

Ab Challenge Workout Week 1

I ran a new route today AND ran it with friends!!! Awesome! The run felt great today...I took it slow and easy. While running we saw a huge dead snake in the road...some of the others stopped to look at it but I just kept going. I HATE snakes! And I didn't want to think about that huge thing actually being alive at one time. Ugh! Makes it pretty scary because we run early in the morning so it's still pretty dark outside. I would have freaked out if that thing was still alive..because I almost stepped on it. So glad it was dead! Anyway, I'm ready for a great day...with no snakes in it lol!
My #FitFluential #Proof!
So who is ready for a challenge???  An ab challenge???  My friend Larisa is hosting a 30 day ab challenge and guess who is going to take the challenge?  Yep!  Me!  All you have to do is do the ab workout for the week that Larisa will post on her blog.  I will post the workout for you on my blog too (because I'm sweet like that).  Larisa also created a group on Facebook for us to help motivate and encourage each other.  When you join the Facebook group please tell her I sent ya!  Here's the workout for this week:
I did the workout yesterday and it was pretty tough!  But I'm hoping it brings results!!! 
Also today is the last day to register for the Walt Disney World Marathon weekend before the price increase!  Don't delay...register today!  The full marathon is already 57% full, the half marathon is 51% full, and the Goofy Challenge is 76% full!  I'm already registered for the full excited!!!
I've got to head to summer school to teach now.  When I get back I will post the second part of our Father's Day Fun Day!  :-)


  1. gah! I hate snakes. At least it was dead, I have come across live ones while running!

  2. Heather, I've seen live ones while running too. Luckily most of them were slithering off the road into the grass. And of course I ran to the complete opposite side of the road just in case! HATE snakes with a passion!!!




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