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Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day Fun Day Part 1

1 mile/8:52
Average pace- 8:53

Ab Challenge Workout Week 1

Another PR mile for the streak! Only by one second but it still counts lol! I wasn't sure how my legs were going to feel this morning due to what all I did yesterday, but they did pretty good! I think my body is getting used to this running every day thing. My legs don't feel nearly as tired as they did when I first started streaking. :-)

I told you yesterday that I took 91 pictures on our family fun day!  So I weeded out some pictures but I'm still going to have to put our day into two posts!  I hope you like pictures because I'm going to be sharing a lot of them!  Since it was Father's Day, Andy got to choose what he wanted to do.  He wanted to go to Pensacola to the National Museum of Naval Aviation.  The last time we took the boys there Sawyer was little so he doesn't remember it.  We knew they would enjoy seeing all the planes!

Our first stop was lunch.  Any time we are in Pensacola we always try to eat at Santino's Pizza and Ginders.  This is one of me and Andy's favorite places to eat!  We ate here a lot when we were dating in college.  So I was super excited when he suggested that for lunch!  It is the perfect place for our for the boys and sandwiches for me and Andy!  I swear I am on the search for the world's best sandwich and so far this one tops my list!  Andy and I split the Panhandler grinder which consists of chicken strips, bacon, mushrooms, cheddar and mozzarella cheese, onions (which we left off), tomatoes, lettuce, and mayo.  Absolutely delicious!!!

After lunch we headed to the Naval Air Station to the museum.  The boys laughed at me taking pictures of all the signs but I LOVE signs!!!

On the way in to the museum the boys saw this huge anchor and wanted a picture with it!  I'm sooo glad my boys ask me to take pictures of them now instead of me having to beg lol!

Of course the boys wanted to look at the huge plane outside the entrance too!

And at the statues of the pilots!

Finally we made it inside and were greeted with this awesome display.

Then we headed over to see the Blue Angels planes that the boys could sit in.  They LOVED this!

The museum added some awesome things to the kid area!  We could have stayed here all day and the boys would have been content!

We finally pryed them away from the kids area so we could explore everything else.  There were planes everywhere!  And they have added some new exhibits since the last time we were there so that was fun!

I like this plane because it was so colorful!  That's the teacher in me I guess!

Funny little boy...we were at the National Museum of Naval Aviation with tons of airplanes around and my sweet Sawyer saw this lizard and got sooo excited!  It didn't seem to matter that we see lizards all the time at home!

We took little sit down breaks every now and then.  Our feet were killing us...I guess from the concrete floors.  The museum has airplane seats to sit in throughout the museum so we took advantage!

And yes...I got in some of the planes too!  It was amazing to me how tiny the spaces where they sit were...pilots have to be small! 

The boys looked so tiny next to these huge airplanes!

We had so much fun at the National Museum of Naval Aviation!  If you've never been and you are in Pensacola, Florida...go do it!  You will not regret it!  And I hope you didn't mind all my was so hard to weed through them...I probably posted more than I should have!

Next stop...the Pensacola Lighthouse!  But you have to wait until tomorrow for that!  ;-)



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