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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Time to Build An Ark?

1 mile/10:09
Average pace- 10:09

RWRunStreak...another treadmill run because this rain is not letting up!!! I attempted another long run this morning but at wake up time it was thundering. I've just accepted the fact that a long run is not in the cards for me this weekend. I'm sick of this rain!

I didn't want to spend a long time in the gym this morning because my family was at home waiting for me.  Plus I needed to make a quick trip to the grocery store for staples like milk, coffee creamer (yes that's a staple in my house), and bread.  So I decided to just do a mile to keep the streak going.  I kept a pretty easy pace and just got it done. 

So here comes my adventure for the day.  I headed to Walmart for groceries.  When I pulled up the sky was overcast but no rain.  I went in and grabbed my items and by the time I paid and started out to the car it was POURING down rain, thundering, and lightning.  And the wind was horrible!  Yep...I had to carry my groceries out in that and load them in my car.  Thank goodness for wicking running clothes lol!  I started driving...very slowly...and got to the red light where I had to turn left.  The left green arrow turned on and I started easing out to turn....and then the red light just completely went out!  I guess the power went out.  So guess what the cars in the other lane (who were supposed to be stopped because I had a turn arrow) did?  They started going!!!  And I'm in the middle of the road about to turn!!!  I was so mad!  Luckily, one of the cars stopped and flashed his lights at me to go.  He apparently knew it was my turn.  But how inconsiderate of the other drivers!!!  That's why I HATE driving in the rain!  Anyway, I made it home from there even though it took me longer than normal because it was raining so hard I could barely see.

On a lighter note, my sweet Sawyer wanted to take a picture of me and him together after I got home.  I just HAD to share it with you!  :-)

I hope everyone stays dry today!  ;-)


  1. I KNOW! no long run for me this weekend and I am about to get on teh TM due to more rain!

  2. I'm not liking all this rain! Is it flooding where you are Heather? Several towns around me are having flash flooding. But...the sun is shining now!!! I'm hoping that means outside running tomorrow!!!




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