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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Run Before The Grandman Triathlon!

1 mile/10:23
Average pace- 10:19

Me and my friends volunteered to do a water stop at a local triathlon today! All I can say is WOW! What an accomplishment! Before the event started, Paige and I ran a mile for #RWRunStreak on the route the triathletes would be running. The weather was absolutely perfect this morning! 60 degrees and the humidity was nowhere to be seen! Loved it!

Volunteering at the triathlon was so much fun!  Of course we had to dress crazy!  We all had our black skirts/shorts on, our red volunteer shirts tied with black and white ribbon, and crazy socks!  We got several comments from the triathletes about loving our socks so that made it worth it!  We all know how hard running can be (can't imagine swimming and biking first THEN running) so we wanted to give the triathletes a little distraction with our crazy gear!  I have a feeling my arm is going to be sore tomorrow from holding out water cups and my voice is a little hoarse from all the cheering I did but it was all worth it!  I hope we were able to encourage at least one person out there today! 

I took a TON of pictures!  And Christina and her hubby Chris and Paige took a ton of pictures!  I'll post some of the best ones!  :-)
Group shot before the event!

Swim portion!

This woman was the first one out of the water!!!  Amazing!

Me and Katrina waiting on the first runner to come through!

I just love this sign!!!  :-)

And it's our first runner!!!  I don't think he wanted any water though.  Right before the runners turned the corner to our water stop, they had to run up a massive, long hill.  We could see the exhaustion on their faces.

Some of us in front of one of our water tables!  Our group is the Sole2Soul Sisters but we didn't promote our group today.  We volunteered for the Baldwin County Trailblazers.  They are a "charity dedicated to safe, fun, family friendly trails, sidewalks, and paths for walking, running, and cycling."  Awesome organization!  I run on many of the trails they have funded!  Mr. Terry Redfearn (who goes to my church) is one of their board members and let us volunteer today!

Busy but so much fun handing out water and cheering on the triathletes running!

Taking a little break in between runners!

Yeah I'm a little goofy!

And then Christina got control of the camera and wanted me to do a photo shoot!  The street the triathletes were running on (and that Paige and I ran on earlier) was beautiful with a canopy of trees!

And then I made Paige join the photo shoot lol!

Can you guess who we are attempting to imitate here???

As you can see from all our crazy pictures we had a BLAST today!!!  I would love to volunteer for this event every year (because I KNOW I'm not going to participate in it lol)!



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