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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Run Faster...OK!

1 mile/8:53
Average pace- 8:50

Another PR Baby! I've never ran in the 8's before!!!  And what's so felt great!!!  I know I couldn't keep up that pace for more than a mile but that's ok!  I'm still excited about it!

Yesterday, we made it over to Tropical Smoothie Cafe for our free smoothies for National Flip Flop Day!  Let me tell you...when they said free I thought it would be a pretty small smoothie.   Nope...this baby was 24 ounces! 

It was their Jetty Punch smoothie which has strawberries and bananas in it.  It was listed on their menu as a low fat smoothie.  I looked on their website for the nutritional value to see how low fat it really was.

I was really happy to see that the sugar they used was turbinado sugar.  This sugar is a healthier alternative to white sugar and made it a little easier to accept the amount of sugar that was in the smoothie! 

I only finished half of my smoothie...I got pretty full.  My boys loved their smoothie too...but didn't finish as much as I did!  But it was free!!!



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